Tuesday, August 05, 2008

how bad habits get formed...

Sorry for being in the dark, sometimes life throws you a curveball and beans you. It's definitely impacted my posting. All will be ok, but life is full of lessons and I hope growth.

So I thought that would be a good segue on the danger of hedonic adaptation, or in this case relative pricing. Lately I've been driving a lot, for the same reason that convinced me to give up my carfreeness and get a car. You can find the post under "Non-Negotiable" Yes I am a simple man.

One thing I noticed was that my thinking on gas prices changed. I was paying upwards of $4.60 every two weeks and it seemed terrible, and now that gas is down to $4.25 I'm thinking gas is cheap. But just 3 months ago I would have gone $4.00 gas are you nuts. Getting on the bike. Our mental set points for gauging reasonable pricing are getting whacked around. I fear that despite high prices of gas, they aren't the highest and we'll start forgetting about conservation.

the only measure really is how many gallons do you use, independent of price. Well that's the theory of rationing which didn't work so great either. Remind yourself and others, just because we've had a temporary set back in price doesn't mean we've had a temporary set back in our environmental impact. Now's not the time to slip back into our old habits, just because it seems cheap again.

posting will be irregular, but do check back


At 7:28 AM , Blogger jennconspiracy said...

People are getting conditioned to higher gas prices - it's down to $4.16 at the station near me and friends are saying how *cheap* gas is.

I sold my car -- bike, bus, BART and walk. No gas required.


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