Friday, October 24, 2008

Now that's inspired....

I'm staying home on a Friday night because I need some CIC time, or just some Charles time to noodle around the house and clean, do chores, cook and just chill. I'm also doing some pruning of things in my place to simplify and just de-clutter. As I look at all the garbage (or things that have become garbage because they are no longer wanted) I thought how much use so many things have. Well that's the thought that many families are having as they go into power garage sale mode in this article. The hardest part is that all these things that at one time meant something or still mean something valuable are now bargains to be had. I have a hard time getting rid of things, partly because I come from immigrant stock, part is that I'm packrat and other times I'm just sentimental. For instance, I stumbled onto a T-shirt that is worn bare from a race I ran over 10 years ago. It's hard to let go since it's one of the few memories I had (there are no pictures). So it is a momento, but there are thousands just like it.

But even the unsentimental can be sentimental, as this art project New York City Garbage by artist Justin Gignac. It's an interesting exercise to make one persons garbage another person's treasure (or art). The project has expanded to some other clever ideas including Wants for Sale which are paintings of things that Justin and his partner want. If the painting sells, they take the amount of the sale (which matches the purchase price of the item pictured) and get that item. They have one for charity called Needs for Sale.

Waste not, want not. Another way to think about it.


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