Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Something to be Thankful for.....

I probably won't have a chance to blog until after Thanksgiving so I thought I take a moment to think about what we can be thankful about right now. For many people the world is an immediately challenging place, loss of job or out of control bills is straining many people to their limits. At the same time, our planet is facing a challenge as it's environment is taxed to the limits. It does seem like the world is spinning out of control and tomorrow looks questionable.

I posit that this will actually be the best of times. First and foremost, a crisis focuses the mind and the spirit. If you are aware of how limited your resources are, you tend to be more alive focusing on what you do. You become mindful. When you didn't have to think and swipe the credit card you weren't active. Now in your life you are making choices, real choices.

In the irony of the moment, you may find yourself with an abundance of time. Now is the time to rebuild yourself and take the long view. It is a time for deep thinking about how to change yourself and the world. When Nelson Mandela was locked up he spent much of his time strengthening his body, and hence is mind. Right now is the time to grab a book and think deeply. Ask yourself what are the things that you can do to make yourself more efficient. Here are some suggestions:

1) Learn how to cook, you can buy better ingredients, local ingredients and make healthier goods then going out to processed warehouse mass market food.
2) Learn to fix your car and your bicycle. One of the challenges in our disposaworld is that we don't have an understanding of how our machinery functions, understanding it allows us to fix it or more importantly combine it in new ways
3) Learn to Teach: Understand what is going on in the world and tell others.

That you have that option, no matter where you are means something. That is something to be thankful. Do something that some will thank you for, and that is a reason to be thankful.


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