Thursday, November 06, 2008

Where fairness rules....

It's truly a historic time in the United States as Americans elect their first African American President. I saw the tears that people had at the election party I was attending, and I was choking up as I checked my Facebook statuses and written across my Newsfeed were the words "Yes We Can" Americans have chosen that government has a role, albeit a limited role in our lives. Thomas Friedman has said that choosing the right leaders is more important than choosing the right lightbulbs. Because ultimately, our leaders determine the rules by which we live by.

I hope that we have some common sensical rules that challenge and inspire us. Rules that force us to imagine the world we should live in, one of clean air, fit people, healthy food and opportunity. That's what's happened with this election. I feel that Americans say that lack of rules is not freedom, it is chaos. Instead, if we invest and that is what our best taxes go to, investments in our future, it will create a landscape that inspires us to better things.

Now that the vote is over, our challenge continues. We need to shape our world through conversation to help visualize our better place, and then we need to our sweat and toil to make it happen. We have the opportunity to reshape our rules, it's only fair.


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