Monday, October 27, 2008

Stormy weather ahead....

Today I was watching the weather on the news and it's true. Fall is rapidly running into winter. It's getting darker in the morning and that means rain. So what does that do to a carbon free commute lifestyle. It means break out the rain gear, be it umbrellas for the walkers/mass transit users. It means slickers for the bicyclists. I've got a new job and it means I'm taking my laptop back and forth. Which means, waterproof backpacks and bags are all the more crucial. I normally don't like to call out brands, but for panniers so many of my friends swear by Ortlieb bags.

As I become more exposed to the elements, I realize that cars are little mobile houses, perhaps that is what the appeal of them are. Carrying yourselves in little homes. Places where you are nice and dry. But like houses, you have to keep them maintained and that takes a lot more than you think. And I'm lucky since I'm in a place where the weather when it gets bad is still pretty mild. I was just back on the East Coast and it was getting chilly, I know snow is around the corner.

So what does the weather due to carbon footprint, in extremes it makes it larger. Air Conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. You drive instead of take mass transit or walk. Definitely an adjustment. But do we have a choice? I once read that all of America's cities and suburbs could be placed in an area the size of Wisconsin. I don't have a citation, but if you fly over the country, you do realize how empty a country we are.

For me it's my second week on the job, and I'm understanding my commute option. Wish me luck as I figure out a means to drive less in my new work endeavor.


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