Friday, October 31, 2008

going with the flow....

With the new job, my time has become a little more scarce with a slightly longer commute, longer hours and just more intensity blogging has taken a back burner position. Not to mention this crazy election here in California which seem too reminiscent of my time in Colorado with Proposition Two (which has reincarnated as Proposition 8 here in California in a similarly fervent manner. I fear that history will repeat itself.) In a world where so much is wrong that this much attention is focused on this issue means we've lost all sense of perspective. My semi-libertarian side says leave well enough alone. In short my life is not well packed and time disappears or is burned in other pursuits.

I've been trying to work out more since I've been feeding excessively. I tend to hate buffets not because I like to eat a lot, but I like to try a lot (which ends up being the same thing). The same buffet approach may be how I will take to commuting, I finally was able to try riding my bike to work. I had enough time before my first meeting to get there so I rode in the fog to work and did in a reasonable 40 minutes. Not bad at all. But I tend to work into the dark (note I didn't say late since it's a consequence of the current season more than anything else) So I decided to take the train back to my town, and then ride my bike home from there. This may work if I can become a morning person. I'm investigating.

The point of the post is that sometimes you adjust to the parameters you are given in being green. For instance, using a mug at work for my coffee. It's oddly simple but people don't do it for some reason. Commute would be great but not always possible, so go with the flow but really go with the flow not just the path of least resistance.


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