Thursday, November 06, 2008

Judging a book by it's cover...

Or a product by it's packaging. announced a new concept called "Frustration Free Packaging". Amazon is working with manufactures to create alternative packaging that is easy to open, non-life threatening (anyone ever start bleeding profusely from being on the losing end of a fight with a bubble pack?) and environmentally friendly.

Most of our packaging gets thrown away, so why spend a lot of money and effort on it. Amazon has the benefit that it's products don't need to be visually appealing to compete on the shelves (there are none) and as a large retailer it has the clout to work with manufacturers to get new packaging. It also doesn't have to deal with the issue of theft that brick and mortar retailers have to deal with. So it makes a lot of sense. Less plastic is a good thing. So hats off, here's to better packaging for everything.


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