Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The season of reuse....

Today I was looking over my freecycle email lists, and a sign of the times is clearly upon us. A person was asking for a mobile phone since she was just laid off and the company was going to take her phone away from her. She was going to get added to her husband's plan. But just couldn't afford the new phone. There is a strong irony that the past couple of years we have lived beyond our means and many upgraded their phones more frequently than others. I am guilty of that, mostly because I am in the industry. But it does remind us that replacing something that is broken or lost is actually more rare than maybe replacing something just because they are bored with it. So we are going to be working through our glut of junk.

So in this time of need and time of giving, one route is to clean up your garage and give to those who can use a hand. The challenges to the earth really focus on unsustainability of our lifestyle. Our consume consume consume habits are being broken, so it's time to look at the value of that around us. Sign up for Freecycle and see how your discards can keep on giving.


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