Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Brought to you by our loyal members...

Today I received my renewal from my local NPR station reminding me to renew my membership (they start really early since my membership doesn't come due until October) and it got me thinking about one of my pet peeves. And that's not pulling your weight.

I read an interesting statistic that only 1 in 10 active listeners are members of their local NPR station. So that means that for everyone one person who donates, they are carrying the weight of nine others. If a public radio station just covers its expenses that means that each person who does pay, is paying TEN times their FAIR share. The average yearly membership is about $60. So that means the average active listener's contribution is $6. SIX DOLLAS. That's not even a beer at a San Francisco restaurant. Hardly a sacrifice.

What kills me is that most people who listen to NPR if you believe the stereotypes are liberals who want public subsidies and taxes. But when they have a chance to voluntarily pay they shirk their RESPONSIBILITY. There aren't many reasons for not becoming a member of your local station if you are a regular listener. Perhaps people do need to be coerced. What a bummer view of the world.

So how does this relate to the environment? If someone really cares about the world they live in, then they have to step up just a little bit. If you derive benefit from public radio, it's only fair that you step up to your $6 instead of letting someone else do it. If you really care about global warming, then don't just click on some MoveOn.org email petition. Actually modify your drive once in awhile. Take mass transit, carpool. Sure it might be a little inconvenient, but once in awhile it'll make you appreciate what you do have that much more. Do something. I have plenty of liberal do gooder friends who have never ridden mass transit in California. Good intentions are swell, but let me repeat. Do something.

This clean planet is brought to you by our loyal members. It's the only way it works.


At 7:30 PM , Blogger Andrew said...

Good points, Charles. As far as mass transit and carpool, I would note that since most of us have flexibility with our commute times and have remote access to our work computers (or carry them with us), carpool or mass transit are more viable alternatives these days. You can find fellow carpoolers online (511.org, GoLoco) and most mass transit has Wi-Fi. It seems to me that if most people put their mind to it, they would find that they have some flexibility in their schedule and work, which would permit them to carpool or take mass transit.


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