Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RIP Harvey Pekar

I was never a fanatic about Harvey Pekar, but I was inspired by the movie to go out and check out the comics from the library and read them and be deeply moved. It really is a story of the ordinary yet epic struggles that most of us go through to make it through the day. In some ways it captures the challenges that we have in living a non-impactful life. However the challenges of the world, the architecture of the world conspires against those who try. It's that struggle Pekar captured in his stories. Great voices can come from anywhere as Anthony Bourdain shares here

While this blog is about eco-living and the impact of cars on our society, Pekar's death reminded me of the touching work of graphic novelist Jason Lutes Jar of Fools. In it there is a series of panels talking about the goal of life for some is not to make big splash and cause ripples, but to leave no ripples at all.

Something to think about.


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