Saturday, July 17, 2010

We have become cyborgs.

One of the challenges in car free living is that you have to live as a living human being. It's true that human beings when engaged in locomotion under their own power have the unfortunate side of effect of sweat. It's how we demonstrate that we are living beings as we metabolize energy to move and in doing so warm up our bodies and need to cool down. This even happens when we swim believe it or not, even when we are submerged underwater.

The problem is that sweating is somehow thought of as being not normal even thought it is the most normal thing a person can do. So instead of sweating, we have become cyborgs, we augment ourselves with machinery to avoid that human function of sweating. We attach ourselves to cars and air conditioners to we can change the nature of our existence. We cannot function in societally acceptable ways unless we attach ourselves to machines. Yes we have become one with the mechanical to become the living in our modern age.

So what are we going to do to go car free and live as we come out of the womb, a self regulating, body cooling set of correcting cycles that allow us to do that simple thing called living? Maybe all that is needed is a new point of view, and probably a little bit new point of smell.


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