Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome Yahoo! Green Readers.

Welcome Yahoo Green readers! Thanks to Trystan L. Bass for giving me some props at this post. And from personal experience of many friends I can say that Yahoo and other Silicon Valley companies are very green. If you ride the U.S. 101 between San Jose and San Francisco you might see the Yahoo! BioDiesel bus transporting employees back and forth.

My posting has been a little light as I have been "Carfree in NYC" the past few days. I had a really interesting conversation this weekend with a business owner who is looking at different alternatives to corn for biofuels. Basically anything that makes sugar cheap is the way to go, in the old days we called it moonshine, now it's greenshine. Hope to have more to share on that as I get the deets on alternatives to Corn ethanol for gasahol production.

Back to being carbonfree in cali later tonight.


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