Monday, November 12, 2007

I love it when it stops raining....

Because then Kendra Stanley can turn those rain jackets into grocery bags. The San Francisco Chronicle has this story about how Stanley is taking old raincoats and making them bags for shopping. San Francisco earlier this year passed an ordinance banning plastic disposable bags. If you are interested in seeing someo of her unique creations visit for details.

An initiative I am trying to do at work is get us to stop giving away T-shirts at work and consider offering canvas grocery bags. Morningstar Trading offers canvas bags made of recycled materials for their bags. The bags can be imprinted with marketing material. You can't skimp, buy the ones with the fold flat bottoms.

On the subject of bags, it's great to see that the hipster groceries like Whole Paycheck, erhm Foods, Trader Joe's and even Safeway O is for Organic, are selling reuseable canvas bags. Now if I could only get a Wegman's reusable bag. It's neat to see them all over the farmers markets where people are bringing them.


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