Thursday, November 15, 2007

Never let them see you sweat -- or try not to.

These past two weeks, I've tried to be more conscious about how much I drive to work. I have the luxury with some advance planning to not have to drive to work. There are exceptions when I have after work activities, but in general I can get away with either riding my bike to work or taking mass transit. However both those modes require some adjustments.

When I bike to work, depending on the weather, I can show up to work a little sweatier than I'd like to. And when that's the case I have to bring my work clothes with me an grab a shower. No biggies, we have a gym with towels and other amenities. It just means I have to leave for work a little earlier. (I often drive to work when I'm running late -- not great in the morning about planning).

If I take mass transit, I have to walk and allocate some extra time to get to the stop, and to walk from the stop to work. Again, needing a little extra time. Did I say something about not so hot on the morning planning.

So I decided to try an experiment, what if I rode my bike to the light rail, put my bike on the light rail and rode from the stop. Both ends, it's short enough that I won't get too sweaty. So far not too bad, but still lugging the bike around isn't always so convenient. Thinking about experimenting with one of those folding scooters. Just need to score one from freecycle.


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