Tuesday, December 04, 2007

If you can see it does it make it more real?

A post that has been going around the bloggosphere has been posting a commercial from Victoria State in Australia that effectively illustrates the amount green house gases you create with your daily actions. Originally posted by Saul Griffith at his blog. I won't describe it too much, you should see it for yourself.

As human beings we tend to believe things that we see, such as the old adage "seeing is believing" or at least until we know better. How many of us doubt that germs and viruses exist, even though we cannot see them? The same is true of greenhouse gases. Well maybe we can't see things the way we do in the commercial, but there are other ways to see our impact. One is during when we get our monthly electricity bill. But that's hard to connect with our actions. P3 International has the Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Meter that lets you see the drain your different electrical products use. It makes you aware of the phantom power all over the home.

I've tried to get better about turning off things like my computer when I leave even though it aggravates me waiting for it to boot up. But I also know that every little bit helps, sometimes I'm actually even successful.

I leave with this thought, if a watt is saved in your house and no one sees it, does it matter. You bet it does.


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