Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beantown goes Carbon Free

Or at least the Boston Globe does, a friend of mine sent me a link to this article on strategies for commuters to drive less. Some of them like ride your bike will be familiar to regular readers. However, there are some interesting things I did not know. For instance, for newer cars, letting your car idle more than 10 seconds, It's actually better to turn it off and restart. But only if your car was built after 2002. They have other tips. Definitely worth a quick read.

There are other great stories, Meaghan O'Neill's 84 Ways You Can Help the Planet has a lot of really interesting facts. Many of the tips seem counter-intuitive. For instance it is better now to use your dishwasher. Another really interesting way to get involved is through Green Drinks, happy hours for a happy earth.

Many of these things on these lists are changes of life, and than others are just finding alternatives. I'm going to be washing my clothes, so it's great that my landlord installed high efficiency clothes washer and dryer. No change in how I do things. Things that we have to do actively will be tougher, so consider moving closer to your job, or change your job to be closer to your home.


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