Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's the network.....

I love that this blog is a great way for me think voice what I think are some new thoughts on the notion of reducing our impact on the earth while maintaining a good life, even if it is a different life. But as much fun as it is for me to pontificate and shout out about the blog, it's great when it become a virtuous cycle, and that's when comments lead to cool ideas. Reader Green Bean comments about spreading the message in a constructive way, in it she talks about starting a Green Book Club. What a great idea, so I figured I'd highlight it here. Green Bean's comment as part of the network of conversations.

It got me thinking what are Green Books that have influenced my thinking, Edward Abbey is often cited, but that seems cliched. I'll detour and suggest a book that isn't overtly green but talks about the human condition and that is Albert Camus's The Plague". What do we do in desperation, and how humanity can rise above.

What are green books, what does it mean to be green, is it about the composting, or is it about an attitude of take only what you need and leave enough for renewal? Or is it capturing a thought or moment that says, we live in our own world there is no other? Looks like I'll be revisiting my library.


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