Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ahh the thrills of being green.

today i had a dinner i had to attend to for work. and being green and being fortunate to work at a company that offers a shuttle between san francisco and work, so i took the shuttle to my dinner and even got some work done on my laptop. another motivator was that traffic sucks and i hate being stuck in traffic more than about anything else.

however i still had to get back home after my dinner. i had it all planned that i would grab a drink with a friend and then take the train down and take light rail, and walk to my car. whoops. i misread the time table and missed my train meaning i'm on a later train that will get me home much later than i would like. oh well. so i'm on the train now writing this blog post on my phone.

so this brings up an interesting observation. technology can help change how we travel. before the advent of laptops and smartphones this would be reading time. instead it's blogging time. a retrofitting of our mass transit system can make it more appealing. i look around me and people have their laptops and phones during this ride.

unfortunately, mass transit has to be more frequent to be effective. i suffered a one hour penalty for missing my train. people's lives are unpredictable and being stuck is not an alternative most people will accept.

*** epilogue

Well I finally made it home, when I got to the train station it turned out that the last light rail was almost a half hour away, and that would mean I would get home after midnight and I had some things remaining to do. I'm so glad that tomorrow morning is my rest day so no practice. I ended up taking the taxi to my home a few miles away, not cheap for the journey but it was too late to argue. One thing I love about New York City is the frequent mass transit even late at night, most people are not willing to trade time if it's too much of a pain, even with lots of technology.

walking the walk is really hard, especially if walking means you're late.


At 9:51 AM , Blogger arduous said...

I agree the one hour penalty sucks, but the problem is that people just don't take mass transit enough in California. It's sort of a paradox. There's not enough mass transit because not enough people take it but not enough people take it because there's not enough mass transit. I took a $4 shuttle from LAX to Union Station a few days ago. Union Station connects to the subway, so in any other city this shuttle would be packed, right? Because $4 is a huge bargain. But my bus only had about five people in it.


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