Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'll pay you to be green...

The Wall Street Journal has an article about employers who are offering perks to encourage employees to be green. Some of the perks include subsides for trading in your car to buy one that is more gas efficient, allowing employees to buy CFL light bulbs at company rates and even grants to make your home more energy efficient.

I think this has a lot of power if it's done sincerely, of course they had some snarky consultant explaining how it's good business. However, I like the story of the CEO who just couldn't bear to see his employees coming into work alone in large SUVs and decided to so something about it. In the article Gillan Taddune, the Texas based Green Mountain Energy's chief environmental officer put it's this way.

"People in general get overwhelmed when they hear about glaciers melting," she says. "I think companies can help [employees] do things in ways they can sustain."

Sometimes I get by with a little help from my boss.


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