Monday, March 03, 2008

Love Conquers All....

Yesterday I wrote about what would be the green things would be deal breakers for a potential partner. I've chatted with a few people and the comments indicate a theme that a person's non-green habits do not necessarily signify any particular traits about a person, and that if all things being equal it'd be possible to bring the other person over. (Of course I wonder if the same thing is happening on the other side, when I was more strictly vegetarian a long time ago, a carnivorous woman I was briefly dating was always tossing pieces of meat onto my bowl of noodles despite my repeated protestations).

In reading other green blogs, I know this is a common theme. Some partners think that this whole green thing is a fad, while others a resigned to what difference can I make. So does green conversion rely on a reading of the "facts" or do you agree to disagree?

I do think that while my list was a little tongue in cheek, not having CFLs would not prevent me from dating someone, though to be honest the SUV probably would depending on the circumstances. However, green is a set of values, how you look at consumption, your sense of status, your role in the world. But in the human equation, opposites do attract, matches are not always made in heaven and people do grow.

So enough about whether one should date green, to how one goes about dating greenly in future posts (though not necessarily the next one).


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