Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day to You!

Today's Earth Day, though festivities started this past weekend in many municipalitie and places. In recognition of events a lot of places are holding seminars, awareness events or conducting special programs. I don't like to shill for companies, but if it seems like it'll add to the coversations I'll mention them. I received an email from TCP the manufacturer of the Globe brand of Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb manufacturer is holding a special program explaining the myths around CFLs. I briefly visited and thought the tone was a little confrontational for my taste, but the fears of improper disposal are overblown. Judge for yourself.

A little close to home is Yahoo's Free is Good Campaign. (In full disclosure, Yahoo is how I pay my bills) The "Free is Good" campaign is promoting the existence of "Reuse Networks" such as Freecycle(TM) that give a second life to goods that might be just sitting at home unused. A theme that I've touched upon in the past. As part of the awareness program, there are a bunch of cool prizes in different groups that as an Employee I'm not eligible for. One includes Sheryl Crow tickets (whom once signed one of my CDs a long time ago with a heart I kid you not) or a Smart Car. (if you win you don't have to Freecycle(TM) your existing car).

Here are some simple things you can do today to reduce your footprint.

1) Consider taking mass transit (sadly my errand schedule won't permit this) today.
2) Consider forgoing meat today
3) Replace your incandescent lightbulbs with CFLs
4) Bring a mug to your coffee place instead of using a paper cup.
5) Bring your own bag to the grocery store
6) If you are shopping for something, see if you can get it used
7) Remember that every day is earth day unless you are an astronaut.


At 10:21 AM , Blogger arduous said...

I love it, every day is Earth Day unless you are an astronaut.

At 3:24 PM , Blogger Johnny 5 said...

As someone who sells light bulbs for a living, I am less enthusiastic than most about compact fluorescent bulbs. This is due to the fact that the ones currently available contain significant amounts of mercury. If one of these bulbs should break inside of a person’s home, it could cause a challenging disposal situation. It is my belief that the technology should progress to a point at which the mercury levels are low or nonexistent before people changeover their entire homes. Another consideration is that as these bulbs burn out, they will most likely be thrown away as though they are normal rubbish and landfills will have incredibly high levels of mercury in their soil as a result.


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