Thursday, May 01, 2008

May is National Bike Month!

April Flowers Bring May Cyclers!

Not quite a rhyme but it's the truth as May is National Bicycle Month. The League of American Bicyclists has a list of activities to celebrate human locomotion. It's amazing to think that two bicycle makers tinkering led to human flight, it wasn't the automobile industry. The bicycle is also the most efficient form of transport with the highest percentage of energy transferring to motion, this is a function of how simple the system is with fewer points of energy loss.

The big event of the month is Bike To Work Day which is in Silicon Valley May 15, and officially May 16. The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition does an amazing job hosting with energizer stations everywhere where you can collect a musette bag with food and goodies.

I'm trying to reschedule my life (i.e. go to bed earlier, too much a night own) so I can bike to work more. I did bike the past two days, and coming home was a challenge in the cold wind. But I survived. So dust off the old bike and try to get a few five for footprint days in in May.


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