Friday, May 23, 2008

Transformers...more than meets to the eye.

Well today I went carfree, not driving at all and I can say that the switch over to "city slicks" has made a huge difference in commuting ease. It reminds me so much of the same zeal that we bought SUVs thinking we just might drive "off-road" so many people have bought mountain bikes thinking they would go biking in the mountains but never did. (In some defense of myself, my bike has gone off pavement many times, just not recently). These Performance City MTB Tires are a small investment to transform an existing mountain bike into a commuting powerhouse. This change cost me less than $20.

Here is a list of small things one can do to transform a mountain bike into a commute bike:

1. Get rid of "knobby tires" meant for off road biking and put on slicks. ($20 - $30)
2. Get racked. Get a rear rack for panniers or check out these collapsable baskets. Putting stuff on the bike rack does two things. First it gets it off your back meaning you sweat less and second it lowers the center of gravity making your bike more stable.
3. Fenders if rain is something that is regular where you live. ($15 - $30)
4. LIGHTS - If you ride anytime near darkness make sure you can see and be seen. ($20 - $40)
5. Trouser Strap, a small strip of velcro that keeps your pants out of your chain ($4)

You can do the same for your road bike for most people, converting a mountain bike makes more sense, it's a little more rugged and people like riding upright.


At 1:52 PM , Blogger eshibui said...

Good tips! Glad to hear you're using the MT bike more to get around the Valley. :)

At 8:10 PM , Anonymous Theoretical Ken said...


Great post!

Here's a link to a highly reflective tape, and some cool hybrid SEMI-SLICK tires that I got for my bike.


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