Monday, July 07, 2008

It's a race against our best selves.

Some things in life are meant to be savored, to serve as inspiration for others that beauty can be achieved in our life time, that perseverance and the depths of our heart can bring us home or at least give us the glory of our sense of self. That was the feeling I got going over the coverage of Nadal vs. Federer at Wimbledon. Two athletes who gave it their all and took the game to another level. Sport is majestic in that it is a metaphor that many of us can experience if not attain. When we walk onto a court with racquet and ball in hand we know the difficulty of what they make so easily. But what we wish in ourselves is not the skill to deliver and ace, but the strength to not quit and to keep moving forward while facing adversity. Oh it's cliche, it seems worn, but 5 set test, going 16 games in the fifth.

It was a good week for sports, as the Olympic Swimming Trials concluded, with Dara Torres going to her fifth Olympics at age 41. I cannot remember which coach was talking, but his advice was this, "we don't race against others, we need to remember to race against out best self"

Good advice in everything in our life.


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