Monday, August 11, 2008

Things that make you go yech.....

I have a have a hard time with bad attitudes about common areas. What I mean is leaving your mess for someone else to clean up. Sometimes it's innocuous like someone leaving a spent tea bag on the counter in the break area, or disgusting like someone peeing on the floor of the bathroom (I kid you not, I am not making that up). It really bugs me when it happens with people who should know better, you know the educated class. The degreed class. People with schooling. Intelligence does not always translate into empathy.

This attitude can extend itself into greater common areas, such as people who pollute excessively into streams, or take short cuts with emissions, thinking it's someone else's problem. And it feels like it, when you are in the cab of your big truck, you are driving away from your exhaust and you are insulated from others. It feels like it's elsewhere. However, the truth is right now we live in one big common area. You can't expect someone to clean up after you, since it's just too hard. The only thing you can do is be clean from the start.

So think of the things you do in public, would you do them in private. Would you pee on the floor of your own bathroom, and hey you can misfire, wouldn't you clean up after yourself. You wouldn't leave it just sitting there. So would you run the exhaust of your car into home, would you dump your waste into your own well. I didn't think so. If what you do in someone else's house doesn't match what you'd do in your own, think about it. The problem is no matter what political spectrum you subscribe to, the earth we all own it and nobody owns it. Sort of makes you feel responsible, kind of weighty.

Maddening isn't it.


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