Tuesday, August 03, 2010

At some point, it does seem silly doesn't it.

The grey lady has on the Coffee Connundrum and the rise of Single Coffee pods. Are we really so lazy that we can't just use a french press or drip coffee. Now I've used the K-cups and thought are these biodegradable. Well the answer is no. I really have to sympathize with the cause of Fake Plastic Fish. It does seem that the disposability crusade has gone too far. Convenience has a cost, it always has a cost. The fraud is that we are trained to value our time as if every moment we use is precious and can have better utility. Well maybe. But maybe the time is what gives the pleasure, the wait, the process. It's like having a rushed tea ceremony, what's the point. My favorite quote is:

Still, Ms. Hoover wonders whether there is a simpler solution to the waste question. “At some point you have to ask, ‘But do we need this product enough that we need to be trying to find all these different solutions for the components of it, or can we just go back to the old way that we used to make coffee, and was that good enough?’ ”

If you really want a nice fix, check out one of these or if that's too costly, check out this one\. The grounds go in the garden.


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