Saturday, June 07, 2008

Some Good News... has a story on the progress being made in reducing energy consumption in the Bay Area. The story also includes news that energy use nationwide is leveling as well. Just being conscientious makes a difference.

We in California have a head start because of our experiences in the beginning of the decade with rolling black outs. We also live in a more temperate place. Sadly, not everyone gets such mellow weather, so places like the Northeast require vast amounts of energy during the winter, and hot places like Phoenix require air conditioning (who came up with that name, exactly what are you conditioning in the air?) Sounds like an argument for more moderately sized houses.

Progress can be made, just like the Green Fair.

If Bay Area denizens want to meet up, I'll be there Saturday hanging around the Kepler's booth at noon. Look for a guy with a "Live Green" t-shirt in multiple languages.


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