Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's in the bag.

Actually, it's the freaking bag and the freaking bag is everywhere. And when I mean everywhere, I mean everywhere. I feel like I'm perpetually in a Whole Foods market since all around me are people carrying the green polypropylene grocery bags that scream Whole Foods. Emboldened by the ubiquity of said bags others have followed suit and gone Whole Foods one step further. They are giving them away for free. At the Web 2.0 conference, one vendor was giving out their version of the bag in blue emblazoned with their logo. At our company store we have them in our purple, but they are not free. At the Bike Away from Work festivities, they were giving away bags. This past weekend I did a 10K race and the food bag at the end was you guessed it, a polypropylene grocery bag. It's getting to be too much, I've been collecting them and giving them to my not so yet green friends but there will be a saturation point.

So start tossing those bags in your car people, and start reusing them. If you have too many, don't fall into the trap of hey they're free and toss them. Pay them forward.

But you know it is pretty freaking cool, that people no longer have an excuse for not having a reusable bag. A bag as schwag, we're definitely in the right direction.


At 6:54 AM , Anonymous Doug said...

Yes the bags are everywhere now but not all bags are the same.

I wanted to introduce you and your readers to a program we have developed called ReJAVAnate reusable bags.

We take burlap from coffee roasters that would be otherwise sent to landfill, work with The ARC who serves individuals with developmental disabilities to hand make the bags, and sell them to individuals and organizations who want to make a statement about reducing paper and plastic bag consumption.

We think ReJAVAnate is a really good story and a better option to the many reusable bags still made from plastic and come from far away places like China!


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