Friday, May 23, 2008

Adapting to change ahead....

The New York Times has a business feature article on how people are adjusting to the new highs in gas prices. The article focuses on whether this is a momentary moment of pain or is this a fundamental change in how people act. A good quote is the following:

“This is the wake up call,” Mr. Schipper said. “We actually have a lot of choices, based on what car we drive, where we live, how much time we choose to drive, and where we choose to go. But you have built in a very strong car dependency. And when the price hits the fan, people have a hard time coping.”

Another story of change is:

On a recent sunny Sunday in Encinitas, Calif., Ryan Andrews, 23, and Tara Driscoll, 21, arrived at the beach red-faced and sweating from riding their bicycles in 80-degree weather.

They had bought their bikes the previous week and had just cycled six miles from home. Ms. Driscoll said she got the bicycle so she could ride to work every day, a commute of two miles, instead of driving.

“It just makes sense,” she said.

Yes it does.


At 10:41 PM , Anonymous Kenny F said...

Have you seen this? Pretty cool site.

At 7:05 AM , Anonymous Kenny F said...

Charles, one more interesting article about green technology, regarding the amount of Mercury in compact florescent light bulbs.

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