Wednesday, March 14, 2007

If we can (blank) we can surely (blank)....

I'm so excited! I just can't hide it! It's March Madness!!!! The time of year when I care about 63 teams I really don't care about. Well actually there is usually one team I root for out of Conference Pride (and it's a long shot kinda pride) and one team that I'm sort of rooting against out of family allegiance and just plane absurd envy.

In a change of spirit, I have not made my obligatory throw away pick of choosing the Ivy League team to win in the first round. I've gotten smarter than that, disappointment can only happen so often, and I've had a little disappointment this year so far from you Penn, dump me once, I dump you next time. Hah! As for the Cardinal, all I can say is Give it Up!

One of my fondest memories from my days at uni was frighteningly during O-Chem Lab. Now O-Chem effectively destroyed any hope of me ever going to med school, placing me in the underachieving bracket known as the California division of my life known as high tech, so what fond memories might come out of that?!?! Well if you had ever been to the Chem Labs in Baker Hall, four floors underground. Yes there could be a nuclear armageddon, but we'd still be synthesizing indigo down in the basement oblivious to the world above. Except for during March Madness.

Each of the labs had a TV installed where we would watch the pre-lab safety instructions. Now supposedly these were closed-circuit TVs, or so we were told. Somehow through the miracle of ingenuity, our TA managed to figure out how to get NC2A tournament on the tube!!!! OK, I have no rememberance of what we covered in that Lab, but I can still remember our shock and awe of watching Georgetown and thinking Princeton almost actually beat these guys...

So if we can figure out how to get the NC2A on a chem lab TV set, we can surely figure out a way to stop Global Warming, in fact it might be a TA from the bottom of Baker Lab who figures it out.


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