Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Sad statistics....

Following Sunday's tragic death of 2 cyclists, SFGate.com did some research published in an article that showed that bicycle fatalities are on the rise, though on a more positive note the total number of accidents involving bicycles has dropped. According to the article, speed seems to be the main factor, but I would suggest that the increase in mass of autos has been a contributory factor. Unfortunately, Silicon Valley's home county of Santa Clara was the deadliest place for cyclists in the Bay Area.

Santa Clara County was the deadliest place for Bay Area bicyclists over the past decade, according to the CHP data, which is collected from local police and sheriff's departments. A total of 44 bicyclists were killed during the 10 years. Alameda County had the second highest total of fatal bicycle collisions with 29, followed by Contra Costa County with 27. The fewest bicyclists, 5, were killed in Marin County.

Santa Clara County also had the most bicycle injuries - 6,888. Alameda County followed with 5,803, and San Francisco was third with 3,165.


At 7:42 PM , Blogger Green Bean said...

Hmm, I'd also guess that we have a higher than average number of cyclists who bike to work and such. The Prius is the best selling car in Silicon Valley and many posit that the Bay Area is ground zero for the green movement. We may have more cyclists on the road and lord knows we certainly have more than our share of cars. Sad statistics!

At 12:42 AM , Anonymous CindyW said...

I have used the "danger excuse" not to bike my kids to school (a 5 mile ride). But the truth is that it only takes one idiot who drives and sips coffee all while blabbering on a conference call to sideswipe one of us.

I am excited that the local Steven's Creek Trail to coming to a completion. We can more or less use the trail. Guess then I won't have any excuses not to ride at least a few times a week.


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