Saturday, March 31, 2007

Carfree Parking....

The other day I went to a faux downtown in San Jose to grab dinner for a friends birthday dinner. Since it was the tail end of rush hour, I was able to get there fairly quickly (yes, I did drive alone, the mass transit is horrendous) but once I got there, I spent about the same amount of time circling for parking, and my blood pressure rose. I was tempted to do valet parking. To mur surprise the next time, the New York Times sensed my pain and published an editorial about studies that reveal that an unexpected amount of traffic is not caused by people going somewhere, but when they get there. Public zoning, requires for new construction that a certain amount of parking spaces are dedicated per X amount of retail. But what a waste of space. When I drive through office parks, it amazes me how much space is just dead. Makes me wonder if I could live above my work place like in many cities? What a great commute!


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