Monday, March 19, 2007

We gather here is praise of good bags.....

It finally happened, all good things must past, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. This weekend the half-pound Peet's coffee bag that I had been using over and over for the past few months has said I can take no more, it's seams are tired, it's wire doo-hickey is spent and broken, it can no longer hold that blessed coffee anymore. It served a good life, bringing that sustenance of the gods caffeine into my daily routine. It gave it's life valiantly and repeatedly, but now it is tired and done. I had to throw it away, it no longer had the strength to go on.

The Peet's bag was one of many soldiers, the hardest working. Most times I'd get my $0.25 discount and a free small coffee (Peet's is amazing about that, it's about the little things, sort of like an iPod) in it's service. At Trader Joe's in addition to using the Canvas bags, I would reuse the paper wine bags, they seem to be holding up. Thankfully I drink more coffee than wine, otherwise I might be entering a 12 step program given the amount of coffee I drink. Plastic bags for veggies are sometimes called to service, but for some reason find it hard to reuse use those, probably because they are wet often.

But we are here to honor the little Peet's bag. The Peet's bag is dead, long live the Peet's bag.


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